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Each year, more than 3 million patients suffer from the loss of soft tissue volume, for example: muscles, adipose tissues, glandular tissues. Soft tissue loss may occur from trauma, tumor ablation, or simply aging processes. The loss of soft tissue is frequently permanent and causes disfiguring tissue depression, which can not only have an impact cosmetically, but also functionally.


Volumina Medical offers a potential alternative to current treatment methods through the development of a regenerative medicine approach where a biomaterial scaffold facilitates tissue regeneration in the defect area, enabling minimally invasive repair of 3D volumes in a single injection session.

Our Solution – AdiPearl™

Our Solution – AdiPearl™

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We are currently developing the AdiPearl™ technology and it is not yet available for use in patients. However, our full commitment has already allowed us to obtain promising long-term preclinical evidence.

Get involved and support us to bring this ground breaking technology to the market.